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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

amazing moment in life

every single people want a perfect moment in a lifetime. apa yang kita selalu nantikan ataupun idamkan dlm hidup kite.. best ke? tertunai ke? gempak ke? tip top ke? amazinggg ke? haha..  you should know and answer it! not to others or not by comparing with others, but its only you and the moment that you think like..."ohhh emm jaaayy..!!" check this out..

The Amazing Moment In Life :
1. coming home late and going straight to bed
2. buying amazing clothes that you found on sale. wooaahhhh!
3. holding hands. :)
4. talking on the phone until 5 in the morning. (this is absolutely not me!)
5. unexpected moments that become your favorite memories.
6. resting on someone chest
7. taking long showers that wash away your worries
8. feeling as tough you finally belong somewhere.
9. deciding what you want to do with your life.
10. feeling satisfied after a delicious meal.
11. falling asleep instantly when you're upset
12. meeting people that happen to change your life.
13. when you have a great night of sleep
14. drinking a cup of coffee. Starbucks perhaps?
15. realizing everything is going to be okay.

hahaha hows that guys? terkena tak satu ke dua ke? amazing ke tak amazing? hahahhaha.. boleh la tuuuu.. setiap org lain perceptionnya. apa apa pon yang kita lakukan, kita mesti berfikiran yang hidup kita ni terlalu indah untuk dinikmati dan anggap semua kejadian yang berlaku dlm kehidupan seharian kita merupakan perkara yang paling bermakna. maka terbentuklah the amazing moment dlm hidup kita. :)

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