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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rezeki menyinggah

Semalam masa on the way balik dari Mines Shopping Mall,
aku sedar sejak dua menjak ni ada je rezeki lebih yang menyinggah.

Yang membuatkan aku terfikir dan terdetik di hati.
Kata orang "Rezeki kau nak tunang"

Aku fikir lagi.
Apa yang aku pernah buat sehingga terang-terangan Allah membalas.

Mungkin aku tak pernah halau kucing yang menyinggah untuk minta makan.
Mungkin aku selalu kongsi makanan yang aku makan kat gerai dengan kucing kurap yang minta belas kasihan.
Mungkin aku selalu berhabis duit untuk bawak kucing aku yang sakit ke veterinar.

Ada satu ketika. Hujung bulan.
Makanan kucing habis. Duit tak ada. kalau aku beli makanan kucing,
maka tak makan lah aku untuk tunggu lagi beberapa sebelum gaji.

Tapi. Tak fikir banyak.
Terus beli.

Entah. Ini cuma mungkin.
Mak kata kucing selalu doakan orang yang berbuat baik pada mereka.




Tuesday, April 28, 2015


My last entry was on 2013

Well yeah, I decided to stop blogging since that.
and I almost forgot that I used to have my 'black space'.

So last week when I was working at the office,
I just remembered about my blog and I've read those old entries.
I laughed. hard. really hard.
and then, I am speechless.

So........... I was so stupid and pathetic back then.
Maigaddddddddd..... You just have no idea what are you those days meng!
I mostly wrote about my heart broken stories. but wait,
How the hell I got those ideas on ayat deep pepoyo semua? 

But there are certain post I found it cute though. 

NVM. Abaikan

Actually what I'm trying to say is life is like a tornado.
It flies so fast while you are still enjoying bitter and sweet life,
and you never realized at some point it was a wasted.

What are you now?
A 25 years old girl with a plain heart?
What did you do all this while?
What have you done to your life?

Still. Could not answer that.
I just seen myself as a plain girl :

Who afraid of the old Earth.
Who mad to the government's politics.
Who never understand why the cruelty towards animals are still widespread
Who cannot brain why some people have A LOT time to comments on 

beautifulnara and fights each other.
Who stuck between a dream job and her own health
Who struggled to have her own money
Who still wasting time on social media
Who still could not believe the fairy tales wasn't true
Who is on her way to catch her happiness. soon.

So how could I conclude them all? Who am I?