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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

l.o.v.e letter

i was assigned to make a love letter by Mr Hasni for Effective Speaking subject last 2 days.. we need to ask for forgiveness and proposing to get married.. this is it... silent and read.. (sape gelak aku lempang..)

            We have been friends in about 3 years and for the past 2 years i realized im in love with you. When the first time we met, i never  thought i would feel this way. It came naturally. Every night i wish you appear in my dreams, until i wake up saying your name and i wish i could have you. The biggest mistake is i really dont know that you feels the same too. I was just too blind to see before and you make me so confused. Somedays you seem so close, but then the next day you seem so far. I really dont know and i make a mistake. I never blamed you at all because people make mistakes, so do i. Can you forgive me and please give a second chance? How are you going to forget all the moment that we spend together? Is it easy for you?

You are the one who wiped the tears before. You are the person who make me laugh when i really want to cry.  Yes, i really miss those midnight conversation. I miss when we were together when everything was fine. I always thinking back to those old and the precious memories of ours and it makes me trully happy. But i cried too. Somestimes i look at our picture and cry myself to sleep. I miss your 6 expression of your face. When you smile, when you hungry, when you bajet cool, when you dont know how to lie, and the best part when you are so jealousy. i miss the most when you called me ‘ceemok’. I want to hear that again. I miss everything! Siapa lagi nak ketuk kepala i bila i buat silap lepas ni? Siapa lagi nak selit-selit sampah dalam handbeg i? Siapa lagi nak tarik hidung i bila i menangis?
I menyesal sangat-sangat. You, i still ask for your forgiveness. Could you do me one last favor and give it to me? Im wishing and hoping that one day, you and i will be together again. So baby, please ask me, if i love you, and if my love is really true and i’ll tell you that you are the one who i want to marry to. Only you. Lets end this up and we begin a new life as a hubby and wifey. Bagilah i peluang untuk sayang mak ayah you sebagaimana i sayang mak ayah i and i want to be a part of your family. Lets get married. I am willing to wait for you, no others, only you. I love you 
take note : based on true story but some content is not true.. boley tak mcm tu? hahahaah..
there's some word yang direka-reka untuk mempoyokan cerita. ok bye.

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