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Thursday, August 12, 2010

another Fairytale story

there was a naive girl which have falling in love with the person that she waited for so long.. she was superbly happy and she loves her boyfie so much. she's willing to do anything for him. well, the girl is not pretty as Cinderella although she always have a dream to be Cinderella. Everyday, every second time, all in her mind is just her boyfren.. they always hang  out together like they really meant to be. the fun and happy moments come so freely, because they never trying to force the emotion. oh my god, they are soooo in love.. 

one fine day, while the girl is sitting on her bed, her phone suddenly played a song 'you and me' by Lifehouse. the girl smiling. she know that her bf is calling. its a short conversation but it still can make the girl 'live' in her own world. after awhile, the girl take her cute pink diary that she always hide under the pillow. she's open the sheets one by one. then she started to write something..

"Now i think of you
every day and night.
you came into my life
and made everything right"

the girl feel so lonely today and she want to have some fun out there. but her boifren have somthing else to do. the girl was very upset but she understand that the precious time is not only for her. then she decided to go somewhere else. ice skating!! this is the first word that came into her mind.even though she has to go by herself and alone.

the girl was very happy , at least she has somthing to do today.. she was very tired after playing ice skating. she sat on a chair while resting and she look forward to the ice. ' i miss you..' the girl said in her heart. such a simple word but she really meant it. she remembered the old memories with her bf..they are holding hands and played ice skating together. it still fresh on her mind..

boyfren : your hands are mine to hold

the girl : (she's smiling..) oh please hold my hands baby..

she begin to imagine that shes in another world.. like a princes and the prince, wearing a white long dress and shining crown on its head, dancing together on ice. with their favourite song played, Breathless by Shayne Ward. their eyes gazing at each other and the love goes straight to their hearts. no one else in their world. only two of them. a couple of person that is so in love and they ignore everything around them..

the girl wakes up from the 'dream' when she heard a women screaming. " oh my God, im dreaming!!" she said..

but...she look at the screaming women who fall on ice.. and and.. suddenly, her heartbeat goes so fast.. it's like an explosion! oh my god, its my boyfren! yes, its not imagination anymore. he hold her hands. the screaming women hands.. oh please tell me it wasn't real. how could he do this to me.. its a lie.. everthing was a lie.. shes running away and cry.. but theres no sounds anymore.. no one could hear, not you, not me and not anyone else.

she's still running away..

"oh im not that Cinderella anymore.. i’m not right all the time, i don't wanna be like anyone else, not like the pretty girls you see in the story books, its just me.. and today  realized..

the fairytale life just isnt the life for me.
i'm not that Cinderella. 

who am i? my name is Marionette, the toy that u like to play..."

p/s : my story is not sad enuf as yours.. ( u know who u are..hihihihi) but at least i've tried..  and and and.. its a terribad English for sure.. mampos lah, layan jee... :)

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