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Friday, February 4, 2011

thanks cause understand.

yes, i do read your blog. thanks cause telling me one of your precious moment in your life. yes, maybe you're right. what are you trying to say is all the things that happen to us, also happened to other people. in other words, everyone has felt the pain of failure in love. do i. maybe the way we take or handle it may be different. same as the situation when we are with someone that we love. how we spend time together, how we share our problems as well, how we sacrifice just to make them happy. how we spent money to buy their favorite things, the way we use the verbal and nonverbal expression in order just to express iloveyou, the talk that we had before we go to sleep and whatsoever. its totally different. we faced the different taste of love. and not everyone have the chance of that. well, i am one of those lucky girl who get a chance to feel the real love beat as i never felt the deepest love like this before. 

"Aku faham, bagi kau, dia lah segalanya.
Aku faham yang hati kau memang setia pada yang satu.
Aku faham yang kau takkan sesekali ubah perasaan kau terhadap dia.
Aku faham yang setiap benda yang kau lakukan sekarang akan mengingatkan kau terhadap dia.
Aku faham to move on is the hardest thing to do with your current surrounding.
And lastly, aku faham yang aku sebagai orang yang baru muncul dalam hidup kau, tak layak untuk menggantikan tempat dia."

terima kasih sebab kau terlalu faham dengan kata hati aku. walaupun mungkin susah untuk kau cuba memahami at the first place. jangan kau cakap tak layak sebab ni soal hati. layak tak layak tu bukan point dia. yes, we're friend. don't ever hate me and dont blame yourself. sebab Tuhan ada perancangan yang lebih baik untuk kau. sama jugak mcm aku. mudah-mudahan kita akan jumpa org yg lebih baik. :)

"Yayangg benda dah lepas jangan di kenang kan lagi."

-Me talking to Myself too

p/s : but what can i say? this feeling still stay strong  walaupun aku tahu benda ni tak berbaloi langsung. well, time will tell......

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