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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


perrgghh..punye la lame baru ade kesempatan nak update! bussynyee dah mengalahkan lawyer! okay, 1st of all I would like to wish a Happy 21st Birthday to my syg, Jia Shamsuri. May God bless you. I wish and always pray that your dream will come true as you always wish bebeh. next year dah boleh kahwin ni.hihihi. Well, I don’t have any unique or fucking sweeeeeettt ideas to make such big surprise because i really don’t know how to plan, in other words, I’m not into surprising! Haha but, I’ve tried something different to celebrate her birthday. at least it will be remembered. maklumlah, surprise drpd org yang dok reti buat surprise! lol. I ask my friends and few classmates to join the drama together. All of sudden, I’ve got an idea! Well, because of we madly being obsessed with karaoke and apparently getting chronic, so i've decided to celebrate there. almost every week kitorg memekik kat Redbox Sunway. Oh what an extreme addicted! haha! Okay back to the plan, the plan looks messy at the first place. As I said before, I’m not a good bombshell planer!  But thank God and thanks to Faa, Fara, Apek, Arep, Tuyai, Mira and others who make this plan goin easy and smooth.  Everything went perfect as well as we planned. It’s not really a big surprise but I bet Jia got enough shock when suddenly a group of our friends bring a Chocolate Cheese cake and sing a happy birthday song when she was singing. The best part is, she didn’t aspect they would come. confirm tak sangka. Oh another best and pity part, im sorry darling, I bluffed you! There’s no such Redbox promotion on that day! ape ko ingat promotion Thaipusam ke! haha.. and say sorry to your friend as you being so excited to text her about the promotion. Haha. Whatever it is, I hope you had so much fun and Happy Birthday to my dear Jiapang who celebrated her birthday last Friday. thanks again to em' especially the dalang dalangsss.. haha. 

adoo banyak lagi gamba tapi maleh nak hapload..

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