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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hidden truth again

1. Your ex texted you and wanted you back. Would you take him/her back?
he choose not to be with me before, so its impossible.
2. Has anyone told you “forever and ever” then left?
yes when i was in form 3. LOL
3. Your relationship status?
single and not looking or searching
4. Where did you meet your crush(es)?
i don't have any. kahkahkah
5. Have you ever lost a close friend?
6. Do you smoke weed regularly?
EXCUSE ME?! i don't take any.
7. Think back to the beginning of 2011. Are you still dating the same person?
8. Would you parents be mad if you were in a relationship?
haha takkan kott?
9. When was the last time you really laughed?
8 month ago? :)
10. Something is wrong. First guy you turn too?
my problem solver isn't there for me anymore, so......
11. First girl you’d turn to?
Jia Shamsuri
12. Is there anyone who doesn’t like you because of something you did?
yes. people make mistake, so do i
13. Angry at anyone?
now? 1.49 am : NO 
14. What’s stopping you from going for the person you like?
bad attitude, baran, yg buat aku rimas. 
15. When was the last time you cried really hard?
24 November 2010. hahaha am i too detail? hahahhhaahhaaha
16. Is there anyone you would do anything for?
of course, family.
17. Who was the last person you talked to for more than 10 minutes on the phone?
can't remember.
18. What is your favorite song?
jimmy eat world- here you me
19. Do you like Red Bull?
yes, but rarely drink it
20. How many people can you tell just about everything to?
hmmm two maybe
21. Have you ever wished on a shooting star?
no, i don't believe on that.
22. Does the last person you held hands with mean something to you?
yes, but it quite long time ago. 
23. Describe yourself in one word.
24. Do you have anything that belongs to your ex?
many. shirt, jersey. etc
25. Do you rebound?
26. Ever cheated on someone?
unfortunately yes.
27. What would you do if you found out the person you like was in a relationship?
if person that i like, I'm okay and doing nothing. if person that love, its different. 
28. Do you act differently around the person you like?
no. i don't know how to be someone else
29. Is it hard to make you laugh?
sometimes. only certain people know how to make me laugh like an evil. i miss them. you guys.
30. Who was the last person to make you mad?
its not a 'person' actually. I'm so fucking pissed off with Maxis. 
31. Do you think your last ex will eventually want to be with you again?
haha no. i know him well. 
32. Have you ever fallen asleep in someone’s arms?
33. Has anyone ever called you scrumptious before?
haha yes
34. Would you like to put a night on repeat and live it forever?
absolutely. pleaseeeeee
35. Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out?
26. Is your best friend a slut?
hmmmm so far i don't think so.
27. Is hard drugs a turn off?
i don't know
28. Are you happy with life right now?
yess! i deserve it. :p
29. Are you still in love with your ex?
wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :p
30. Have you ever had your heart broken?
31. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
i wish i can turn back time.
32. Is there anybody you’re really disappointed in?
33. Where is your best friend?
always by my side
34. Something you’re happy about?
my new cat, Yu.
35. How is your heart lately?

p/s : 29, always and everyday



Well answered! :)

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haha jyeah! thank you for comments darl.