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Thursday, December 1, 2011

stay or leave. you choose.

hello people

its raining now. and i was laying on my bed just now. thinking of something that always popping in my head recently. anyways, am just thinking of it and i'm not really sure if peoples out there were really think about this just like the way i do. well its about guys personality btw. honestly i have to admit that i can't force anybody to be my type. i mean, just let 'em be of who and what they are. there's nothing to do with that. hell NO. yes i did said that i like a guy with sepet eyes, taller than me and bla bla bla. but come on, do you think that i'm that serious to find those characteristics to find my true love? crap! if you think so, then i can scream loudly this to your face " YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL" :)

aku tak pernah bagitahu mana mana lelaki, lelaki yg macamana yang aku betul betul nak. because i just want them to be themself. whats the point at the 1st place if you lie to yourself and act like you are my dream guy. bazirrrr kan? well, im not that extremely choosy. kita sedar diri lah kan. no one knows what kind of guy that i can fall to. i bet this. selalunya i do fall in love naturally. yang aku tak pernah plan dan yang aku tak pernah jangka. u know like "wei dia ni handsome, baekk. nak try lah" NO NO NO. well tipu lah kan klu perempuan tak pernah ckp mcm ni. but then, it will end up just like that. ya know girlssss talk? gossiping hot guys. biasalah kan. hahaha. nak nak kawan kawan aku. LOL.

one thing that i realize, bercinta secara tak dirancang ni yang paling jujur. this is how it came naturally. been there done that. falling in love with your own best friend is the sincere love ever. nothing to hide, nothing to fake. but i guess this real  love only happened once in life. idk. just saying. hopefully im wrong.

so.......guys out there. don't act like you know me so well. ain't anyone does. If you like me, impress me. if i'm saying that you did shitass, then defend yourself and proof to me that im wrong. be yourself. i wont tell what is wrong, what is right. if you are trully a man, you should know differentiate this and you know what to do. its time to leave your 'boys' world, be a man. that's how i watched you.

Beat him.

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