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Friday, October 28, 2011

I've choose mine

what would you do when suddenly you think that you're totally a loner?
who don't have any close friends, bff and a boyfriend to support you and cheer you up.
to fill your heart with happiness, to laugh like an idiot together.
when suddenly you felt like the world is empty and black
no sounds of a bird, no smells of trees, rainless, and the only thing in your head i that loser?

i really really really and really don't have the answer.
and i don't know how to create one.

because i have everything in my life
i have mak and ayah who never stop teach me just like 6yo little girl
i got friends which used to be my back bones.
laugh like a silly girl every second with em'
shares everything, they automatically appear when im down.
lend me their shoulders to cry on.
but yeah, i don't have any boyfriend.
apatah lagi scandals. bullshits.
am not even searching. i can live without em' seriously.
and single doesn't mean that you're a loser and loner.
some people have their own reason why they choose to be single.
so do i.

always and everyday.

i don't want to lose what i have now.
i feel grateful i got the chance to felt this kinda joyful feeling
so the loners out there, don't worry. the world never empty and black.
never. i was just saying.
you still can hear the sounds of birds because that's what ears functioning for,
you still can smell  the fresh of the trees because God gives you the sense.
you still can feel the coldness of the rain because God want us to pray for grace.

whatever happened in your life now, bare in mind,
there must be reason.
be clever enough to decide which path you choose for your journey.
don't turn back even you are regretting for something.
long way to go, the light will always with you.

i've choose mine.
and i won't turn back.
my life ain't sucks. am not a loner. at all.

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